What’s Keeping Me Going?

Remember back to when I did the “Grateful for” blog series? I think it’s time to bring that back. So as we wrap-up the weirdest summer of our lives and head into a fall with a blindfold (and a mask!) on, here’s what’s keeping me moving forward. (Well, besides cookies. That’s not new.)

The Peloton App

Look, I laughed at the trapped wife Peloton ad as much as the next gal sitting on the couch eating cookies, but you guys… This app IS amazing! I started it because I missed my classes at the gym, but I’ve kept with it because the message of family, “you got this”, and “try harder” is just so on point. A lot of us exercise to keep the anxiety away and these sweat sessions do all the tricks.

The app by itself is $13/month. I don’t bike at all. Instead, I’ve got the strength, yoga, meditation, and run/walk classes. Definitely check it out.

Take Out from Local Restaurants

Speaking of reasons to do sit-ups, let’s talk yummy meals. Look, we’d love to feed you every meal, but there are so many great restaurants in town, I can’t NOT recommend hitting some up for takeout every now and then. The people that know these things suggest that 80-90% of local, non-chain restaurants are going to close in 2020. This makes me sick and sad, so I’m doing all I can to ensure my favorites stick around. (Eating more take out sushi and BLT sandwiches in the name of making a statement sounds pretty on-brand…)

If you haven’t tried them yet, I recommend Rice and Roll Bistro (they’ve been taking your health seriously since day one AND have something for everyone (hello, chicken teriyaki for the kids and fancy sushi for me!), Uncle Wolfies (OMG, guys. THE BEST brunch in town, hands down. I can’t even recommend one thing from the menu because it’s all so good. Order a 6-pack of cider and cross your fingers one of the tables overlooking a great view of downtown is open and you’ll have the best lunch date.) and Crossroads Collective (order something for everyone or something from every restaurant and it all comes on one ticket and in one to-go bag. Brilliant.)

Bookstagram and ALL of the Books

In the morning, I exercise. In the evening, I eat cookies and read books. All the books. I’m flying through them at such a pace this year that I think I’m deluding the wow that comes with reading a great novel. I honestly can’t give you any that have totally knocked my socks off, but you know what? I think that means I turned off my brain while reading, which was exactly what the doctor ordered in 2020.

That said, check out my friends @what_amy_reads and @goodlandbookclub for recommendations so you don’t totally waste your time on something that bores you.

Joos Family Resort and Spa (AKA the Backyard)

In today’s Ways I’m Becoming My Dad news, I love my backyard. In 1992, when we moved into my second childhood home, he said, “I don’t need to go camping anymore. I have a fire pit, forests, and a pool right here. I also have a fridge full of cold beer and a flushing toilet. What more could I ask for?”

Flash forward to June 2020 when I said, “no, I don’t want to go camping. We have a fire pit and a large pop-up pool. Why don’t we just put up the tent here? Inside I have fridge full of chilled wine, cherry cobbler, and grilling ingredients and a flushing toilet that I don’t have to share with people who think masks are the devil’s work. What more could I ask for?”

He was right. I was right. Thank the good Mother Nature for this beautiful space and epic summer weather. It’s been a Godsend to have that escape right out our backdoor. (She says as she runs off to buy a patio heater before they are sold out.)

So that’s what’s helping me stay happy in 2020. What’s working for you?