Milwaukee Businesses Doing Stay-At-Home Right

Scratch Ice Cream

Here are five Milwaukee area businesses we at The Real Good Life think are kicking butt during these crazy times. These ideas below are great for when we’re stuck at home, but I’m guessing they are services that will be around for a long while!

Boswell Book Company

We have missed the library so much! With nothing better to do than read ALL the books, we needed a place to quickly restock supplies and boy, did Boswell Book Company deliver. Literally! In addition to pick-up options (now), they have a delivery service for $4.00 a pop. In addition to books, they have a great selection of puzzles, so they can help with all your non-electronic fun.

As for favorite books as of late – A Curse So Dark and Lonely is my new favorite. It’s a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast story but with a lot more grit.

Scratch Ice Cream and Pete’s Pops

With the weather getting warmer and birthdays, new babies, and graduations to celebrate, we’ve been gifting the sample packs from Scratch Ice Cream and Pete’s Pops to everyone we know. With Scratch, you get to pick six flavors of ice cream which are delivered with 18 cookie dough balls for $40.

Pete’s Pop’s sells their delicious wares in 10-packs. Their software is slick. You can order the exact flavors and delivery time you want.

The Ruby Tap

Right before this all started, I was introduced to The Ruby Tap family by joining their monthly wine club. I want to learn more about what I’m drinking and these sisters know their stuff. Alas, the world shut down about 72 hours after I got my first bottle (at least I had that!).

The wine club won’t be able to meet in person for a while, but Sarah and Brooke have put together a bunch of really interesting ways to learn more about wine from home. Namely, we really like the wine tasting samplers. This leads to an excuse to get together with a few friends over Zoom and/or an opportunity to try more tasty wine. (Warning: the Tosa and Mequon locations have different wines in these samplers.)

Additionally, these gals are doing customized pick-up service (just order a 2-, 4-, or 6-pack and make a note in the comments of what you typically like) and special “Sister Packs” for those wanting to invest more in their libations.

Melody Sopa Artistry

Photo credit: Melody Sopa

For some weird reason, I have turned to face lotions and potions as my main vice of choice during the quarantine. I find this especially ironic because my skin looks the nicest it ever has and yet I have to wear a mask covering my face any time I’m in public. Ah well.

For all the things I’ve purchased during this time, an at-home facial kit from Melody Sopa was THE BEST! Melody is a local make-up and skincare artist. I was able to visit her once in person earlier this year and oh my gosh, it was amazing. While this at-home kit is missing her magical massage and tools, her kit includes all the scrubs, masks, and facial oils a girl could need for an hour’s worth of Me Time and two weeks of great skin. Email Melody directly to order a basket and have it delivered straight to you home.

If DIYing doesn’t sound fun, follow her on Instagram to be the first to know when she’s able to open. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

What local companies have you been enjoying the most while at home? We’d love to support whoever we can!