Cherry Moscow Mule

Like every other white lady of a certain age, I had a personal blog that I kept up 5-7 years ago. I was just poking around in there and stumbled into this recipe. Speaking of things that were very 2015 – I present a Moscow Mule! It’s SO good and so perfect for early summer so I thought I’d bring it back here.

In the original post I talked all about buying Effin Black Cherry Vodka for a party I was hosting for my friends. I miss parties. I miss friends. (I don’t miss weird vodka flavors. That was very mid-2010s, wasn’t it? This is just as delicious with regular vodka if that’s all you have.) If you’re starting to venture out into socially distant socializing, this drink doubles (triples, quadruples, whatever 12-ples is…) very well. And if you’re still hanging in your backyard with a good book and the sunshine, well this works for one perfectly, too.

Cheers to summer, tasty drinks, and passing the time in delightful ways!

Cherry Moscow Mule

Cherry Moscow Mule

Course: Drinks
Servings: 1
If a Sonic cherry limeade and a Moscow mule had a baby, this would be the beautiful result, a refreshing backyard libation! Don't worry about the proper copper cup, any glass big enough will do!
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  • 3 slices lime
  • 1 handful ice
  • 2 oz cherry vodka
  • 1 can ginger beer
  • 1 oz grenadine


  • Squeeze two slices of lime into the bottom of glass, then fill the glass with ice.
  • Pour in vodka and ginger beer. Carefully stir as to not disturb the bubbles.
  • Slowly drizzle in the grenadine and garnish with another lime wedge on the rim of the glass.


  • No cherry vodka? No problem! Regular vodka works just fine. Add an extra splash of grenadine to make sure you get enough yummy cherry flavor.
  • Keep it non-alcoholic by skipping the vodka. (And confirm your ginger beer is non-alcoholic. 😉 ) Add extra ice or a little sparkling water instead.