Stacked Veggie Enchiladas

Stacked Enchiladas

This entree gives you all the great flavor of delicious enchiladas with half the work – no futzy rolling up here. (With that, you only use about half the tortillas you would with traditional enchiladas, so great for my carb counters, too!)

I love roasting ALL the veggies I can find to make this casserole, but you pick your favorites of what’s on hand.

Stacked Enchiladas

Stacked Roasted Veggie Enchiladas

Course: Main Course
Servings: 6
Calories: 416kcal
Take a few shortcuts on the way to enchilada night with this layered version filled with nutritious and delicious veggies.
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  • 1 red pepper chopped
  • 1 zucchini chopped
  • 1 green pepper chopped
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 15 oz black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tbsp garlic, minced
  • ½ cup cilantro chopped
  • 1 jalapeno minced and seeds removed
  • 2 cups red enchilada sauce
  • 6 flour tortillas
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese


  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Place the peppers, zucchini, and onions on large baking sheets. Drizzle with oil and toss until veggies are coated. Roast veggies for 20-25 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. Remove veggies and let cool slightly.
  • In a large bowl, combine roasted veggies, black beans, cumin, chili powder, garlic, jalapeno and cilantro. Stir and season with salt and pepper.
  • Spread enchilada sauce on the bottom of a greased 9X9 square pan to cover. Add a layer of tortillas. Top with a large scoop of veggies, enchilada sauce and cheese. Repeat all layers, then finish with a layer just tortillas, sauce and cheese. Cover pan with foil.
  • Bake enchiladas for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted and the enchiladas are bubbling. Remove enchiladas from the oven and let cool for 10 minutes. Cut into squares and serve warm.


  • Let’s talk enchilada sauce – the amount in this recipe is kind of hit or miss. If you get canned sauce (which I totally suggest!) you’re going to have more than what the recipe calls for. Go ahead and use it all up if you want a saucier dish. If not, it freezes decently.
  • Speaking of sauce – like I said, canned is the name of the game in my opinion. That said, if you don’t have it on hand, you might be able to recreate this version with what you have in the pantry. I recently tried it with tomato and basil pasta sauce because that was the only tomato-based thing I had on hand. It actually was great! Chili powder covers all ills.


  • This casserole can be prepared in advance. After wrapping in foil, also wrap in plastic. If eating within 48 hours, keep in the fridge. If more, store in the freezer and remove to thaw 24 hours before the meal. It might make take more time in the oven to cook through.


  • Shredded chicken, pork or beef would be a great addition! Consider adding two cups of meat and then move up to a 9X13 pan. You’ll need more sauce with this version.



  • I’m sure this would be just as tasty with corn tortillas. Watch your enchilada sauce to make sure it doesn’t have flour.


Calories: 416kcal | Carbohydrates: 45g | Protein: 21g | Fat: 18g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 40mg | Sodium: 1146mg | Potassium: 542mg | Fiber: 10g | Sugar: 10g | Vitamin A: 1885IU | Vitamin C: 54mg | Calcium: 339mg | Iron: 4mg