This Week’s Menu – Nothing But Thyme on Our Hands

Nothing but Thyme

Okay, friends. It’s a whole new world out there since last week’s menu came out. Let’s make the best of it and spend some time in the kitchen and at the table surrounded by those that mean the most to us.

Veggie Lo Mein
Veggie Lo Mein
The secret ingredient in this recipe is the noodles from the cheap packages of ramen. Toss with a bunch of veggies for a quick and delicious dinner.
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Egg Muffins
Clean Out The Fridge Egg Muffins
A hot breakfast that helps use up odds and ends from the fridge? That's a winner in my book!
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Pan-fried fish with carrots
Pan-Fried White Fish with Thyme Roasted Carrots
The most approachable fish recipe this side of freezer fishsticks. Pair with roasted baby carrots for a dinner you could make with one hand tied behind your back.
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Sugar Cookie Bars with Chocolate Buttercream
Sugar Cookie Bars with Chocolate Buttercream
Use packaged cookie dough to turn this into a project the whole family can make (and eat!) together.
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How To Use This Week’s Menu

A lot of the dishes on the menu this week can involve kiddos if you’re looking for something to fill time.

I’d start with the Clean Out The Fridge Egg Muffins as a morning project. Have a few for lunch, then save the rest for breakfast for a few days.

Next up, make the Veggie Lo Mein for dinner. Use whatever ingredients you have on hand or can rustle up at the store. Maybe double the recipe. It will go fast (and tastes even better the next day.)

The Sugar Cookie Bars with Chocolate Buttercream are a great project when you need a carrot to get everyone through the day. The idea that they can make a sweet treat AND eat it is actually two rewards in one. (Use them wisely, mom and dad.)

Finally, give the Pan-Fried White Fish with Thyme Roasted Carrots a whirl. The groceries are still fully stocked with fish. Go frozen if you have to; just thaw in the fridge before cooking. Oh, and back to those egg cups – if you plan on buying fresh thyme for this fish, use a couple of sprigs in the eggs, too.

BONUS RECIPE – Still have more thyme on hand? Make this thyme lemonade right away and pretend you’re already in summer when this is (God-willing) all behind us.