Monthly Goal Planner

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In an effort to keep myself sane as a working mom, I’ve tried all the different planners and goal-setting programs. Seriously, all of them. (But if you have a new one you think I might like, leave it in the comments. I can’t get enough!) After taking something from all of them, I’ve created my own monthly goal tracker sheet that I feel like all parents could use.

Why Are We Talking About This in March?

You might think this is a January 1st kind of thing, but I disagree. Setting intentions for our time could and should happen at any time of year. If you’re feeling the itch to do deep spring cleaning, have a huge work project to complete before summer and/or just want more focus in your day-to-day, start today!!

How The Monthly Goal Tracker Sheet Works

At the end of every month, sit down with this sheet, your calendar, and notes about what you hope to accomplish in the following 28 to 31 days.

To start, leave the intention blank as that will come to you while you do the rest of the worksheet.

The first few lines are for your monthly goals. Work, home, kid, self – anything that needs to be tackled this month goes here. This is the place for projects vs. simple tasks.

Monthly Goals

Next up is the middle section where you can track up to six general topics of things you would like to accomplish most months. For me that’s at least one date night with my husband, one book read for fun, and a volunteer, home, and business project completed each month. I have the same five things every month, but perhaps yours changes throughout the year. Whatever it is, leave the actual boxes blank until after the action (hate to call date night a task!) is completed. That said, perhaps pencil in the action if you have something specific in mind just to help keep you focused.

At the bottom, leave space for small things you want to do every day. These can be big or small, specific or just general intention.  “Do the happy thing” and “best fuel of the day” are my ways of being more intentional about my mindset and eating habits. If I put down “be happy all the time” and “stay under 1500 calories”, that would be too hard for every single day. On the other hand, you don’t get much more specific than “write” or exercise”.

So back to your intention. As you review your sheet, what stands out? Is it a month of planning (“plan”) or a month of doing (“action”)? Other themes I’ve used are “time blocks”, “me first”, “be here now”, “focus”, “time”, “community”, and “on them”. I even had one month where my intention was “intention”. That helped me go into each task with a reason for doing it, which really helps to be enthusiastic about even the most mundane project.

Here’s a link to a PDF to do your own. If you’d like a Word document you can modify, just let me know.

Happy planning!