This Week’s Menu – A Treat for Your Valentine

Valentine's Week Menu

They say any good food is the way to your love’s heart. I say Mexican hot chocolate cookies are the currency I want to trade! Enjoy this week’s menu with whoever you love.

Sweet potato spinach salad horizontal
Sweet Potato Salad
This hearty salad is perfect for an at-work lunch or light dinner. Easy to prep ahead!
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BBQ chicken and cauliflower grits
Oven BBQ Chicken with Cheesy Cauliflower “Grits”
Fake-out your tastebuds without sacrificing flavor with this quick and easy southern-inspired dinner. We take a shortcut with the chicken leaving us time for the "grits." It's yummy, y'all!

Instant Pot Risotto
This is an easy risotto recipe just waiting for your customization. Use what’s in season or what’s in your pantry!
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Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies Horizontal
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies
Consider this a chocolate-y snickerdoodle with a surprise bit of cayenne heat. Perfect for the cold weather months!
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How To Use This Menu

We are treating all of our Valentines this year, including ourselves!

Start off by making the Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad early in the week. It’s the perfect hearty salad to treat yourself for healthy lunches. (Pro-tip – once you get to the BBQ chicken and Cauliflower “Grits” meal, add some of the chicken to this salad for extra fun.)

Speaking of the BBQ chicken – guys, why do we always make things so hard on ourselves? This chicken is as easy as chicken thighs + BBQ sauce. Done. Throw in the Instant Pot or oven for an easy win. The cauliflower “grits” that come with it offer the perfect salty counterpoint to BBQ sweetness.

Finally, when it comes time for an at-home Valentine’s Day date night, may I suggest the Instant Pot Risotto? It’s the perfect creamy, smooth dish that says comfort without “ugh, I feel too full to makeout.” Add some sauteed shrimp (and a bottle of natural wine) for an extra touch.

Finally, those Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are so good! They have just a hint of spice, making them a great coffee- or tea-dunking cookie, but not so spicy that your kids won’t be interested.