The Cheapest (Or Most Priceless) Thing You Can Give This Valentine’s Day

All They Want Is Time

Finally, it’s happened one too many times. I don’t know why this time was any different than the last 4,000, but here we are anyway…

Last night, my daughter asked if I would come play Barbies with her and I responded as I always respond – “one second.” First, I had to check the internet and see if anything had changed in the 30 minutes since I last looked.

Alas, nothing had. Well, some things had – more obnoxious opinions were shared and scary news reported. But nothing that was more important than a Barbie fashion show with my girls.

So I took the courageous step of putting the phone on airplane mode (please hold your applause to the end of the program) and picked my favorite Barbie dress (Hawaiian print with a poofy skirt) and shoes (sky-high heels in bright purple) and accessories (stethoscope and journalist notebook) and jumped whole-heartedly into playtime.

Ten minutes later, I had a whole new outlook on life (and backstory on my Barbie, but that’s a post for another day).

All they want is time.

So this Valentine’s Day, instead of fancy chocolates or flowers or other little trinkets, I’m going to give my girls each an hour of time and we can do whatever they want. Candy Land, pedicures, science project, (barf) play in the snow (barf)… Whatever they pick, they get all of me.

Same goes for my husband (and me for that matter!) With everything that goes into running a business and being a mom, I barely have time for him. (And him for me as he goes up the food chain at his own place.) Come next weekend, I’m forcing us to put down the phones, video games, and tv remotes and actually look at each other. Whoa.

Time is the more precious commodity we have, but it’s also totally free to give up. Be sure you’re spending that expense account in the right place.