Week Two – Three Peppers, Two Limes, and One You

It might be grey January out there, but in here it’s all bold colors and flavors to brighten up your dinner table. Find comfort in casseroles and a yummy baked good perfect for any time of day.

Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake
Quinoa and veggies deliver a knockout punch of health to this comforting dish. Watch the jalapeno if your family isn't big on spice. Add more cheese if that's your thing.
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Cashew Chicken with Rice
This is a great base recipe to totally customize to your family's preferences. The yummy sauce is great with whatever veggies and meat you'll dig into. No more calling for take out – you've got this covered!
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Tater Tot Casserole
Sloppy Joe Tater Tot Casserole
This is guaranteed to be a family favorite! (Well, at least if your kids are as tater tot feens as mine are.) We add veggies to the sloppy joe part and make our own quick sauce to maximize health and flavor.
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Blueberry Lime Muffins
A beautiful addition to the breadbasket for breakfast, brunch, or snack time. Enjoy with a warm tea for a delightful little pick me up.
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How I’m Using The Menu

As we (finally!) get back into a normal routine, perhaps you’ll consider getting ahead of the game and spend some time this weekend prepping the casseroles. They will last in the fridge for at least a few days and in the freezer for a couple of months.

Whoa. Hold up there, Maggie… Sound like too much for the first week back? Don’t worry, I concur.

If you are working at my speed (i.e. planning for only about six minutes in front of me) maybe just take the baby step of chopping all your veggies for the week at one time. You’ll be so proud of yourself later in the week!

I’d suggest prepping the quinoa casserole on Sunday for dinner Monday night. While you’re there, make the cashew chicken for dinner on Sunday and you’ll have leftovers ready for lunch on your first day back in the office.

If the kitchen is your place to reset, make those blueberry muffins as a quick weeknight project. Take them to work or pop them in everyone’s lunchboxes. Either way, you’ll be a hero. (Use all your blueberries for last week’s French Toast. No worries – any berry works great for this recipe.)

The tater tot casserole will be great for Friday night movie night. I mean, maybe it’s not a great eat-on-the-couch kinda meal, but everyone will definitely snarf it up quick, getting you back to the movie in no time. Enjoy the last of your holiday candy as dessert. Yep, we’re the finest gourmands around here…