This Week’s Menu – Hearty Is Where The Home Is

Good job, mom!

There isn’t a better word than “hearty” to explain this week’s menu. Each recipe is more filling than the next- in the most delicious way!

Kale and Pepper Hash with Eggs
This hearty egg-based dish is good for any time of day. We used kale and red peppers, but try your favorite veggies. Swiss chard is particularly fun!
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Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Sweet Potato Fries
We use a really unique sauce for this pulled chicken. It's somewhere between barbeque sauce and a mole. Pair the sandwiches with simple sweet potato fries for a hearty, healthy meal. Use a slow cooker or Instant Pot depending on your mood and timing.
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Stovetop Lasagna
Love the flavors of lasagna, but want to take it for a different kind of spin? This will serve both purposes. We add in veggies and lighten up the dairy to make it a smidge healthier than the traditional route.
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Cheesy Garlic Bread
This cheesy garlic bread is pasta night's perfect accessory. This recipe easily doubles if you having a party or you just like carbs as much as I do.
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How To Use This Week

Boy, this is the week for fill-‘er-up food! Everything is so filling, yet so colorful and delicious!

The menu is pretty straight forward this week, so instead of laying out my plan, let me offer some suggestions for add-ons…

  • Use frozen sweet potato fries for the pulled chicken sandwich meal if you run out of time (or are just looking for an easy win).
  • There’s no sweet treat on this week’s menu, so hit up your store’s gourmet candy aisle. A house without an emergency bar of dark chocolate is one I wouldn’t want to live in! Looking for something a little more involved? How about puppy chow? You may have seen on Instagram that I got a new puppy chow bowl. Can’t wait to take it for a spin!
  • Definitely consider making the kale and red pepper hash early in the week to have it around for breakfasts as the week goes on. I couldn’t believe how well it reheated. That kale is a beast, man! (Save the egg frying for right before eating.)
  • The stove top lasagna is going to make WAY more than you could eat in one sitting. It’s the perfect time to get ahead with an extra cassserole in the freezer. P.S. The garlic bread freezes well, too.