Week One – Cozy for a Crowd

Cozy for a Crowd

Welcome to week one of the rest of your life! I’m so excited to put out this first menu into the world. It’s all about the cozy comfort food that’s perfect at the end (or the beginning!) of a long winter-y day. Double up the recipes if you still have houseguests!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Set this up in the morning for a warm, cozy, and delicious way to end your day. The secret ingredient is barbecue sauce. Use your favorite, but make sure it's not too sweet.
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Veggie Lasagna
This is a great way to sneak vegetables into your next dinner party buffet or just a Tuesday night supper. Use a food processor to mince roasted veggies and it almost (keyword: "almost", don't get too excited…) gives the texture of Italian sausage.
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Blueberry French Toast Casserole with Bacon
This is the only recipe you need for lazy mornings when you're not rushing around or evening "brinners". Oh, how I love a good "brinner". I like blueberries in this dish, but use your favorite frozen fruit. Also, try the oven-roasted bacon and you'll never do it in a frying pan again. I guarantee it.
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Creamy White Bean Dip
This dip is so delicious you would never guess it's as healthy as the day is long. Dip in carrots or tortilla chips. (Though lean more towards carrots than chips if you're focusing on health…)
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How I’m Using The Menu

My plan is to make the veggie lasagna on Sunday night and enjoy it on Monday night, too.  I’ll serve it with a salad and Italian bread with roasted garlic. (Check out the bonus recipe to make the perfect roasted garlic. ) Then I’ll use the rest of the bread in the blueberry french toast casserole with bacon that will either be breakfast on New Year’s Eve or a part of our at-home “brinner” party that night. Either way, I’ll make extra bacon so it’s ready for the loaded baked potato soup when I make it on New Years Day.

The lasagna and soup both double very easily. Make an extra lasagna (or divide one recipe into two square pans) to stick in the freezer for a busy day in 2020. A double batch of the soup would work great for a dinner party. Set out bowls of all the toppings and let guests dress it up exactly as they wish.  Have the creamy garlic bean dip with carrots and tortilla chips on the side to round out the meal. 

Speaking of which, if you know me, you’re probably surprised I don’t have chocolate on the first week’s menu. Me too. But guys, this bean dip is SO good!! It’s also super healthy for you, so go ahead and double-dip.