New Meal Planner Service Coming December 13th

You guys! I’m so excited to FINALLY give y’all a launch date for our new meal planner subscription service.

That’s right – mark your calendars for Friday, December 13th* to be one of the founding members in our new program.

With The Real Good Life Meal Planner subscription, you’ll get a weekly email that includes:

  • Three meal ideas with customizable recipes
  • Modifiable grocery lists
  • Nutritional info
  • You’ll also get a snack recipe because #willworkfortreats.

We’ll keep the recipes simple, making the most of familiar ingredients and cooking techniques that take no time.

Inside the membership, you’ll find customizable recipes perfect for quick weeknight dinners, creative at-home date nights, and kitchen projects when you’re looking for something to tackle.

No more last-minute take out. No more slimy lettuce wasting at the bottom of your vegetable bin and for the love of all that is good in the world, no more whining from the peanut gallery after you’ve slaved all evening to put a tasty meal on the table.

You will keep your expenses and food waste to a minimum as we thoughtfully create weekly menus that use up all the condiments, the bunch of carrots, what have you. A further bonus – we’ll give you suggestions on how to dress up your leftovers AND how to make the most of those prepackaged meals from Costco or your favorite grocery store.

Your time is precious. Use it doing what you love.

Real talk – one of the other, potentially best ways we are saving your time is simple. No long stories about going to Paris with grandma or what the clouds looked like that one day in 8th grade before we get to the recipe. Recipe posts will be picture, description, recipe, the end. If that’s too much, there is a “jump to recipe” button right at the top of the page. Now THAT is worth the price of admission alone. 😉

Come back to this site at 10am Central the morning of the 13th, or sign up for our emails. (Bonus – you’ll get my list of Costco must-haves when you sign up!) Man, I can’t wait to share this with you guys. It’s going to be great!!

* Yes, Friday the 13th. For some reason, they are always lucky for me. Let’s hope this one keeps up the tradition.