Fun Ways To Honor The Earth

Fun Ways to Honor the Earth

It’s back to school time! Not just for the kiddos, but for us too. That said, we’re going to school you on all things eco-friendly over the month of September. Or, rather… All the things we are doing in the name of loving the planet in the hopes it inspires you to share your ideas, too. Are you one of those kids who worked for the recognition of good grades? Well, we can’t grade you, but we do have prizes and free stuff below. Read on!

You can’t open a social media feed, news site, or talk to a coworker without being presented with another story about climate change. Moral of the story, there is a lot of crazy stuff going on to Mother Earth. While we wait for big businesses and governments to change the way they work, we here at The Real Good Life have tried to do our part both personally and in business. Here’s where I, Maggie the owner, stands right now. (P.S. Come back next week when we’ll tell you about the work we’re doing at The Real Good Life.)

Look, I’m married to a guy who is as far off the grid as someone who loves cable tv and a daily banana can be. He drives an electric car and we have solar panels on our house. We compost both in our own backyard bin and through Compost Crusaders. We turn off the water while we brush our teeth (but you can take the long, hot shower out of my cold, dead hands!) and eat minimal meat. In short, I thought we were doing as best as a regular family living in the real world could do.


More changes were inspired by a book I originally picked up at the library, Give a Sh*t by Ashlee Piper. First, Old Lady Maggie took issue with throwing a swear word in the title, forcing me to either makeup something or just use the word when my daughter asked what it was called. (Seriously, for the first time in her five-year-old life she took an interest in my books. Figures.) Once I got over my pretenses and actually read the book, I was completely inspired by her “every little bit helps” mentality. It seems like Ashlee lives as do-gooder-to-the-earth lifestyle as she can, but the book does not judge you for liking a hot bath or a little red meat. As with everything, moderation is important and every little bit helps.

Anyway, I was so inspired by the book I’m picking up my own copy from the bookstore. While I’m there, I’d love to get a copy for someone else in our community, too.* To be entered to win, take to social media to tell the world what you’re doing to save the planet. Perhaps you shifted to aluminum-free deodorant. Maybe you’ve decided to make it Meatless Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday. Have you taken to carrying your own water bottle (metal straw and utensils)? Set the washing machine permanently to cold or used the excuse that it’s better for the environment to take a direct flight? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can share your inspiration and you’re in.

P.S. Probably the #1 way to clean the environment from toxins is to get rid of social media. 😉 If that’s you, just email us your idea or leave it in the comments below. That enters you in, too.

We’ll draw for a winner on Wednesday, September 25th, which is the same day as our New to You Stuff Swap and Networking Event. What’s that, you say? Inspired by the book, I realized I know a lot of cool people AND those cool people probably have as much stuff sitting in their closets and on their shelves never getting used as I do. I’d love to get all those people and things in a room to meet and start new lives together.New To You Stuff Swap and Networking Event

Here’s the invite with more information. The event goes from 5:30 – 7:30 on that Wednesday. The plan is to meet at The Real Good Life kitchen in Wauwatosa, but if the guest list gets too big, we might need to find another Tosa-based spot. Speaking of which, if you want to attend, please shoot $5.00 to maggiejoos at gmail dot com via PayPal or Venmo. I’ll have some snacks and drinks, but mostly that cover charge is to show you’re really interested.

Making good karma AND I may get a new outfit out of it?!? Life is grand sometimes!

* Hey Maggie, is a paper book really the most eco-friendly option? Possibly not, but I’m a firm believer in paper books, especially books like this where you might want to take notes and bookmark multiple pages. This way you can easily share with your friends and your mom. Worst case, if you end up not keeping it, you can donate it to any place that takes books or eek… recycle it.