Workplace Meal Delivery Pilot Program

Workplace Meal Delivery Pilot Program

Ever wish you could get your order from The Real Good Life earlier in the week? Well, now’s your chance as we get ready to launch the workplace meal delivery program!

Our corporate drop off program will begin this fall. What does this mean? Same great food, same great service, but we would come to your workplace Tuesday afternoon instead of your home on Wednesday.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s the caveat… This will be sort of a group buy program. To make this work, we’ll need at least eight orders per drop off. Think about folks in your office or your fellow teachers. Doctors, we’re looking at you, your nurses and your amazing office staff! Shoot, we’re calling this a workplace thing, but if you want to open your home to neighbors as a drop off point, we’re down. Have enough people that you could drum up the minimum orders? Then let’s talk!

The ordering system would work the same as Wednesday. You’d have between Wednesday at 10am and Sunday at noon to order for the following Tuesday. You’d just pick a different delivery option.

We think we know how this program will work but would love to start a pilot at just one location this September. If you think your workplace might be a good candidate, please contact us directly or send our info to your HR manager or office supervisor (or whoever else might be the correct point person.)

Still figuring out the logistics, but the first organization will definitely enjoy discounts. Or at least free brownies. Hey, we don’t know much, but we do know how to get over that 3pm slump. ????