New! Referral Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

New! Referral Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Our customers have always been our best way to advertise. Y’all have spread the word high and low and order week after week. We couldn’t be more grateful. That’s why we are excited to announce that we (finally!) have two new programs to say thank you.

Referral Program

That’s right, by sharing a special link just for you, you will get $7.00 off your order, as will your friend when they place their first order. I know $7.00 seems like a weird amount, but it’s just the right amount to add a couple of servings of dessert on to your order. Just sayin’. 😉

To find your code, simply log-in to the new system and scroll down on your account page. Here you’ll see the code and a link straight to the site customized to link back to you.

Account settings loyalty code

That’s all you have to do! As long as your friend uses that link to place the order, they’ll get the discount immediately and a credit will be placed on your account.

Loyalty Program

It’s our pleasure to come back to your kitchen table week after week. To know there’s someone out there counting on our food to help their magic happen makes our day. To help make your day, we are now offering a loyalty program. For every $1000 you spend, you’ll get a $25 credit to your account.

Again, you do nothing extra. Our new system will tally your orders and apply the credit when you’ve passed the threshold.

Friends, seriously… We can’t thank you enough for your on-going support of our community. We hope you’ll take advantage of these two little tokens of appreciation as we continue to live the real good life together!