2019 Mid-Year Check In

2019 Mid-Year Check In

We are at the halfway mark of the year, so it’s time for us to ask-how ya doing? If you made resolutions, are you sticking with them? If not, are you satisfied with what 2019 has given you? Anything new come up that’s taken a priority or worn on your soul?

Haven’t asked yourself any of these questions lately? No worries. But there’s your homework. Instead of more social media scrolling (or hell, reading the rest of this post), use this time to check in with yourself. Celebrate the wins. Recalibrate the losses and prep for an even better second half of 2019. I know this sounds ridiculous, but 1. life will fly by pretty fast if you don’t take a moment to center and 2. summer is the perfect time to stop GO, GO, GO-ing and focus in on the here and now.

In case you weren’t rolling your eyes enough quite yet, here’s the update from The Real Good Life.

The 2019 intention for both the business and myself is to “get to the table.” To that end, we have served more families than ever before with dinner (and treats!). This means more money towards the Hunger Task Force. (Go team!) Our staff has come together in friendship for our Cooks & Books nights, an event series all their doing, and while hanging around the table making your meals each week. Golly, I’m so proud of my team and happy to call them friends.

On the business end of things, we are very close to trademarking both our business name, The Real Good Life, and our mission – Feed their senses. Nourish your soul. I’m really pumped to extend our reach further than local meal delivery as we go down other avenues to help people reach that goal. Related – did you hear me on the Food Crush podcast? It was really fun and has me wanting to do my own. Stay tuned for the rest of 2019 to see if this passes the Shiny Object Syndrome test. Additionally, I continue to work on this book idea of recipes for the real good life. It’s part cookbook, part memoir, part etiquette guidebook. For now, it’s a great place to release my writing. Someday it will be a graduation gift best seller!

We’ve alluded to opening a second location in the Pewaukee area. I was THIS CLOSE to doing just that and reality set in – the business just isn’t in the financial position to add more expenses (and golly, we got a steal on rent on North Ave., but shh, no one tell my landlord.) Instead of pursuing that avenue, we’re exploring another idea that will serve our local friends even more. We hope to launch a corporate drop off on Tuesdays starting in September. It would be the same meals as Wednesday, but get to you a day earlier. The hitch is that we would only deliver to places with 8+ orders. I’m talking to you, people who work in office parks, hospitals, or university campuses.

Of course, we’ll allow some time to get the concept off the ground at each location. If this sounds like something your workplace might enjoy, please let us know. We’d love a focus group to help tailor the concept.

Otherwise, the team has been cranking out the nitty gritty details that take a start-up into an enterprise! We’ve got a dedicated customer service guy (hi, Ryan!), have standardized procedures, updated to a fancy new ordering software that can grow with us, and are currently working on standardizing recipes.

A bunch has happened in the name of reducing waste and we continue to look for more ways to be successful in this area. If anyone knows of companies that would take our kind of plastic (so many take water bottles or milk jugs) and turn them into something else, please share the details!

Finally, circling all the way back to where I started, we are trying to get our team and you back to the table – the literal, physical table with chairs to sit in and live humans to converse with. That said, we are still on all the socials because that’s like law, but our main focus these days is Instagram. I’d love it if you came to join the #therealgoodlife party over there!

Do that, and then go be out in the real world, friend. We only get like six days of nice summer weather. Let’s go enjoy it! Cheers!