Looking For More Teammates At The Real Good Life

Looking For More Teammates At The Real Good Life

Y’all, our team is the best. Simply the best. From sharing podcast and playlist recs, to time off hours hanging at our #cooksandbooks get-togethers, to supporting each other inside the kitchen and out in real life, these folks are the bee’s knees. Maybe I’m biased, but you couldn’t ask for better coworkers.

Teammates cooking together

In all honesty, it’s really hard to be the boss when you want to be everyone’s BFF. (Okay, it’s not that hard… Anyone who is going to be my bestie needs to be a hard worker and share an affinity for food, things everyone on the team stands by.) I love hanging out with the team, shooting the $hit while peeling carrots! For better or worse though, it’s time for me to really focus outside the kitchen to continue to grow the business and the brand.

To that end, we are looking to hire a couple more folks. These jobs would be perfect for students or teachers as they will start in the summer months. (And once fall comes we may be able to work around a traditional school schedule.)

We are looking for a couple of drivers and one store clerk. All three of these jobs happen on Wednesday afternoon. To drive, you need a car with some space (for potentially up to 20 of our cooler bags), car insurance, and a smartphone. To man the kitchen, you need a smiling face and a steady stream of reading material as there will be a decent amount of downtime while you wait for customers.

Here are the specific job descriptions.

Delivery Driver Job Description

Store Clerk Job Description

And here is the TRGL Job Application. If interested, please fill out the application and email it to [email protected].

I hope we get the opportunity to work together, new friend!