Ms. Fix It – How Can We Help?

Ms. Fix It - How Can We Help?

Hey guys! I am heading the National Restaurant Association (don’t abbreviate that one! šŸ˜‰ ) show next week with two main goals* – find a better ordering software and non-plastic packaging that works. Those are what I think are our two biggest issues within The Real Good Life, but I would love to know your thoughts.

How could we improve the ordering, eating, and afterwards process for you? Are the ingredients the quality you expect? Would you prefer more organic foods or a more economical cost? Do you have an issue with all the plastic or love our packaging for its reusability? Are there hiccups in the ordering process that get you every time? Could communication be better? How do you feel about texting? Are the cooler bags working okay on your porch or are squirrels well, squirreling their way in?

Please contact us by using this link with any thoughts you have. We are here for all ideas and issues big and small.

* Third, unofficial goal – eat my weight in samples. I’ve only been to this show once and there was so much different food to try. Thank goodness it takes 8,000 steps to get anywhere in McCormick Place!