21 Life Hacks for Your Late Thirties

Reflections on a Birthday

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this post in 2019. Looking back on it from the perspective of two birthdays lost to pandemic times, I must say how impressed I am that these suggestions still stand. I don’t think I have much to add to this list even with this extra time to reflect. Do you?

Between the Cold That Would Not Die and my birthday last week, I’ve been thinking about aging and health a lot as of late. In our thirties, we don’t bounce back from anything as easily as we did 10, 15, 20 years ago. I put a call out to my network asking for their best suggestions of ways to age gracefully.

In honor of the age when a head cold, hangover, or hellacious day at work couldn’t keep me down too long, here are 21 of my favorite life hacks for your late thirties.

  1. Be sure to take time for yourself.
  2. Supplements. I take Calotren, magnesium, ginger, turmeric, and a daily vitamin.
  3. Drink a gallon of water a day.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Figure out what works for you today, but appreciate that it might not be what made your skirt fly up 5 years ago or will 5 years in the future.
  6. I completely let go of the idea that life is about finding yourself and went after creating myself. I try, fall, and bounce back higher than I was. Criticism still hurts, but it hurts less the more I focus on who I want to be.
  7. Make your bed and floss your teeth. Two things that take no time but still feel good to check off the to-do list.
  8. Take tech detox breaks, but overall, try to keep up on technology. We are way too young to not be able to turn the TV on.
  9. I’ve tried to walk more each day.
  10. SLEEP. getting an appropriate amount of sleep is the foundation for health.
  11. Cut back on salt.
  12. Make time for at least 30 mins of exercise each weekday. I take weekends off from the gym.
  13. Laugh… a lot. And cry when necessary.
  14. Moisturize. Every morning and every night. Face and hands.
  15. Sleep, water, and happiness. (Editor’s note – this should be a t-shirt.)
  16. Get a good esthetician and colorist. Sometimes it simply costs money to look youthful.
  17. Take lots of pictures.
  18. Make time with your kids a priority.
  19. Follow a career path or boss that inspires you.
  20. Live a balanced life – nothing extreme.
  21. Stop looking for approval in others.

Do you have any life changes, big or small, you made as you entered into the next age category? Can’t wait to hear them!