A Lesson in Nourishment

A Lesson in Nourishment

There are a bunch of new folks in our circles these days (hi, new folks!), so I thought it was time to take a step back and reintroduce the business. Sure, you know that we deliver dinner to real life superheroes within 15 miles of Wauwatosa, but what’s the bigger story?

To answer that, I’d point you to our mission – Feed their senses. Nourish your soul.

You can grab dinner from four hundred and one different places, but we want to be more than that. We want you to really be in the moment, not in the “what’s next”. We want you to use the time you would be grocery shopping to instead head out for a walk or take a nap. (Always take the nap!) In short, we want to please your tastebuds and entice your nose, but we also want to make sure you’re seeing beauty, truly hearing conversations around you, feeling the presence of your friends and family. If we can do that, then we feel whole.

I’m guessing the same goes for you – if you can offer a pleasant experience to those around you, doesn’t it make you feel good? Let us help. We’ll bring dinner. You bring your smile. Feed their senses. Nourish our souls.

I’m sure this sounds like part hippie hogwash and part over-the-top sales pitch, but I really do mean it. I want this business to be so much more than just making dinner, so here’s a little homework assignment. Tonight, make a point to serve your dinner at the table. Get all the people in your house to that table at the same time. Don’t worry about turning off electronics, if that’s a thing in your house… Just get everyone there. As you eat, use all your senses. Listen for clues about their day. See that she looks overwhelmed. Tickle that little toddler belly sitting next to you. Of course, I want you to truly taste and smell your food, but it’s almost secondary. Your surroundings are what make you, you. Take it in. Feed their senses. Nourish your soul.

Today I am grateful for you, new friend!