Documenting Every Day Life

Documenting Every Day Life

Hi guys! For the month of March, we are really focusing on writing down our procedures here at The Real Good Life. As we prepped our list of activities to document, I couldn’t help but think about you and me. What could we write out to make life easier at home?

First, let’s start with the morbid part… At one of my corporate jobs, we talked about the “hit by the bus” book. When I have my happy face on, I prefer to think of it as the “won the lottery and am never coming back” book. Either way, in the workplace, it makes sense to have all of your procedures mapped out in case you aren’t able to be there. Snow day, sick day, or life emergency – life is what happens when you’re making a plan.

The same could be said for at home. My daughters and husband have created this ancient dance of the Gods that is performed every morning in the name of who gets the “up banana” (i.e. the top part). I swear every time I make breakfast, I do it wrong. (There is a whole thing about whoever gets the top half gets to pick the cereal bowl first, but the one who gets the middle part gets the first vitamin… Somewhere in there there is an animal sacrifice and mama goes back to bed. Anyhoo…)

Does your spouse know what goes in the school lunches? Do your kids always remember what needs to be in their backpack in the morning? Are you always buying the same groceries every week? Do you remember that book your aunt recommended?

Here are the apps we like best for documenting home procedures while sneaking in a bit of automation, too.

Click List*

Y’all, I love a grocery run the way a lot of women like shoe shopping, but can I tell you how much I love Metro Market and Pick N’ Save’s pick up service? (*Up until researching this blog post, I thought this service was called ClickList. This must have changed within the last couple of weeks, but I’m afraid it’s  been around long enough I can’t NOT called it that. Sorry, not sorry.)

When I think of something, I can just throw it on the list. Then, I can finalize my shopping from inside my kitchen so I can check if I have all the ingredients I need in a week. While my girls are bummed they don’t get as much time in the firetruck shopping cart (shucks), I’m stoked to just pull up and have the groceries brought straight to my car. Ah, it’s a great time to be alive.


While I mostly use Asana for work purposes, I also love this project manager for my home stuff. I keep a personal board for reminders to sign up for summer camps and new exercise classes, thank you notes to send, and repeatable monthly tasks like goal setting, bill paying, and phone picture cleanouts. Trello is a similar app you might want to try, too.


I know a lot of folks love Good Reads to keep track of books to read, but I prefer to go straight to the source and reserve or waitlist my friends’ recommendations. This online connection to the Milwaukee Public Library system lets you sign up for books (paper, audio or e-books) where ever you are. Doesn’t matter which branch has the book, they’ll send it where ever you prefer. Sure, this means I often end up with a stack of books at a time, but having too many books is the best kind of problem, I say!

Google Drive

If you don’t have your own Google Drive, it’s time to get on it, peeps. In case you’re not familiar, they have their version of documents, spreadsheets, and folders. Take your docs and pictures with you everywhere, on all your devices, and share with whomever you like. Brilliant. Your data lives in the cloud (with the Carebears?? I’m still not 100% on how this works), so no need to panic if your computer dies. All in all, a winner.

This is kind of a cheeseball post, but y’all seriously, the more we write out procedures, get to-do lists and books to read out of our head, etc., the fewer choices we’ll have to make and the quicker we’ll get from point A to point B. (Point A being the start of a stress headache and point B being on the couch with a cookie.) Give these ideas a whirl or try your own. Either way – Simplify!!