2019 Resolution – Get To The Table

After a Christmas break of forcing myself to NOT think about business, I was equal parts itching to get back at it and realizing, hot damn, is the rest of my life a lot of fun, too. That brings me to last night’s realization – after a month of making grand resolutions for 2019 for myself and the business, it can all boil down to one phrase:

Get To The Table

Whether it’s the literal dinner table where I can commune with my family or the proverbial table where I can network with bigwigs that make things happen, I want to get myself, and the business, in the right place at the right time.

How do I do that? Or, more importantly, how does that affect you? Well, if you’ve been around for a while, you know that one year instead of actual goals, I tried the three words idea. That didn’t work by itself, but this year I’ve figured out a way for goals and words to mash together. So what are the words and how do they help you? Read on…

Community * Experience * Growth

Did you know we serve on average 75 families per week with our meal delivery service? Through our casseroles and cookies, we are able to help mamas, dads, workaholics, and retirees get a semi-homemade dinner on the table while they juggle the 400 other things life throws at them. We are (hopefully) working magic for those folks, but what about those folks we aren’t able to reach (yet)?

To help serve these fine folks, we are going to focus attention on standardizing recipes and increasing employee benefits and decreasing our work-related brain space. (I’ve got to keep that awesome team happy!) We will finally get a label printer and so help me, God, unearth eco-friendly packaging that can withstand delivery AND the freezer. Probably most important to you – we will clean up the ordering process to make it even easier and add nutritional info to all products.

There are other big ideas still under wraps about growing the physical business, but in the meantime, we want to get more people involved in our community of real-life superheroes and those that aspired to be. As a provider of food-related ideas, we are going to share more quick and easy recipes on our blog and Instagram to help y’all enjoy, not stress about, that moment at the table with those you love.

Specifically, we are going to host two different cooking campaigns. First up, is our monthly recipe challenge where anyone anywhere can work on the same dish. This way we’ll all perfect the dish to our own family’s preferences and yet feel the support of friends around the globe wrestling with the same sticking points. This will mostly be done on our Instagram account, so check there. (First up – lasagna!!)

Secondly, I’ve realized there are bunches of folks that simply never learned to cook. That keeps us in business, but we can’t be there for every meal! Therefore, we’re going to do a basics series to make sure no budding chef is left behind. (I promise this has nothing to do with the fact that I still can’t fry an egg for the life of me!)

Finally, while we tra-la-la through our almost perfect worlds, I’d be remiss to not acknowledge that the world is on fire out there. As you know, 2% of all The Real Good Life sales go to the Hunger Task Force, but this year we’re going to put our words where our money is. Expect more calls to action and infographics about Wisconsin’s hunger and food waste issues. Additionally, we are going to do all we can to cheerlead women’s empowerment issues and be a good steward for the environment along the way.

So those are our grand plans. What are you hoping to do in 2019?

Psst – Be on the lookout for a customer survey coming at you sometime in January. We think we are on the right page here, but want to hear it straight from your mouths. 😉 We always welcome comments at any time, too.