Am I Having A Midlife Crisis?

I had two events of equal importance (which is to say, not important at all to my actual life, but alas…) happen this weekend. First, the Royal Wedding, where we all oohed and aahed over the guest list and cellist and debated the dress*. Then, I was blindsided by my DVR Sunday night when 10 minutes in, I realized I was watching the series finale of New Girl.

I could start about fourteen different conversations about the royal wedding. (Convo 1: is it Royal Wedding or royal wedding?) In short, I thought it was a perfect example of how we can modernize tradition and manners without losing the decorum that has us fighting on social media and journalists leaving their ties off when they go on TV. Everything was great. The end.

Back over at New Girl, it was a perfect series finale that we all could have scripted about a season and a half in. But what struck me so much was the flash into the future where the three couples are playing True American, but now with root beer and their broods of children.

Y’all, that’s where I am. I’m not staying up late drinking draft beer or planning weddings or decorating a new home. My friends that I made as a grown-up no longer go to after-parties after MAM After Dark events**. Instead, we have dinner parties that start at 5 so we can all be back home to put the kids to sleep by 7:30. I’m now the old fuddy-duddy that was super cool like six minutes ago but now is too tired to even buy a new dress for the biggest event on my social calendar. Ugh.

How did I get here so fast? Is it all downhill from here? As these big life events pass me by, what do I have left to look forward to? How lame will it be if I try to be the old lady who can hang with the kids at the real wedding receptions? I just wanna dance and pretend I’m not hurtling towards death!

I mean, I love my life at this very moment. I’ve loved my life at pretty much all my moments, but I can’t help wondering what percentage of moments are behind vs. ahead. As you start checking the big ones off the list its hard not to be sad about the list getting shorter.


BTW-probably totally unrelated, but we’ve got a few things going on in the Joos household as of late. The girls moved into a bunk bed, pushing Malorie up towards the sky and Charlotte out of her crib. Malorie told me her grandma “has been died” and asked me what that means and Charlotte has asked to sit on the potty. I’m helping to plan my 20th high school reunion. I’m sure all this growing up has nothing to do with my wanting to freeze time exactly where it is. Nah. Too easy.

Anyway, stop what you’re doing right now and take an inventory, friend. Life is going pretty fast. You need to step back and enjoy it every once in awhile.


* The more I think about Meghan’s dress, the more I like it. She changed damn near everything else about the day (including a pretty casual hairstyle), so she needed her dress to be as understated and modest as possible. The dress did that. And Prince Harry seemed smitten, so the rest of us can sod off anyway.

** Let’s be honest. I totally had to Google what that event series is called since it’s been so long since I’ve been.