Five Podcast Recommendations for Curious People

The ladies and I often find ourselves talking about podcasts while we are working together in the kitchen. With all the driving we do for Milwaukee meal delivery, we have lots of time to need noise. Turns out most of us prefer words to music these days. Personally, I find it to be much easier for me to get lost in a podcast while driving or exercising. Time goes by so much faster!

If you are like us, you’re always on the lookout for new suggestions. Assuming so, here are a few of our current favorites.

Katie Couric

America’s favorite broadcaster goes slightly off script in this weekly podcast. With a cohost, Brian Goldsmith, Katie interviews people of note in all areas of news and pop culture. Since she’s marching to the beat of her own drum, questions don’t stick with easy talking points. She’s comfortable getting into the sticky topics.

Favorite Episode: Interview with Martha Stewart

Speaking of not giving an F, Martha answers the questions just as she wants to answer. Come for the stories about her four drivers. Stay to hear if she made friends in prison.

Armchair Expert

Given our love for all things Kristin Bell, it made sense that we stumbled upon Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert. Turns out, being Mr. KB isn’t his best feature. This guy is smart, inquisitive, and hilarious. The interviews usually sound like two friends having a chat (because so far, they mostly are his friends), so you learn a lot about the humans living in the bodies of famous people. Warning, the episodes are really long, so be prepared for multiple listening sessions.

Favorite episode: Interview with Kristin Bell

I mean, of course, this episode would be on our top five even if they just read the phone book, but I (Maggie) took away a crazy amount of life philosophy and wife goals out of this conversation.

Pantsuit Politics

If you’re like me (Maggie), and can’t seem to turn off the news out of Washington, this is a great filter to get that news. Here, Sarah Stewert Holland and Beth Silvers discuss current events as a conservative and a liberal. What?!? People from opposite sides having a civil discussion?!!? Yes, it can happen, folks. The theme of this podcast is “nuance” (as a matter of fact, their other podcast is called “The Nuanced Life“), whereas nothing is an all or nothing game. Anyway, it’s refreshing.

Favorite episode: Faith and Politics with Jen Hatmaker

If it’s going to get awkward, let’s get REALLY awkward and throw religion into the conversation, too. If you are a fan of Jen Hatmaker, this episode was a really interesting behind the scenes look at what it’s like to go against the religious grain. (Spoiler alert: really, really hard.)

Wow In The World

Before hitting the road on family vacations this summer, Brooke says to download a bunch of episodes of this podcast from Guy Roz, the host of Radio Lab. This kid-friendly show geeks out on science, technology, and all things animals.

Favorite episode: Bag O’ Worms & The Velocity of Poop

Because kids giggle at poop and you might learn some stuff. Winning.

Bon Appetit Foodcast

We love all things food, even words about food! While we have bunches we could recommend in this realm, Tiffany’s pick of Bon Appetit’s Foodcast is one of our favorites due to how much we learn on every episode. If you live and breath food, this one’s for you.

Favorite episode: All About Fish

This episode talks about sustainability efforts when it comes to fishing. Will it be enough or are we destined to clean out the waters?

So, those are our favorites. What are some of yours? Leave a note in the comments or share on social media using #therealgoodlife.