New Details for Summer Delivery

Dare I say it – the weather may finally be looking spring-like out there! It won’t be long before we are in those hot, humid days of Milwaukee summer (my favorite kind of days!), so we have two new details going forward.

1. In-store Pick-up Now Available

As of the May 2nd menu, you are now welcome to select the “Pick-Up at the Store” option when you place an order. With this, your order will stay chilled in our walk-in cooler until you come pick it up at the kitchen between 2 and 6 pm that Wednesday.

If you know anyone outside of our delivery area, please let them know about this option. Now we can serve everybody!

2. Cooler Bags Are Required Between May 16 and October 1

In an effort to ensure food safety when it’s hot outside, we will require that all food goes out in a cooler bag instead of a paper bag during the summer. Including an ice pack and packing in a cooler buys us a little more time to get the food from our place to yours.

This means you’ll have to pay a one-time $10 fee, but don’t worry, you won’t have to pay it every time.

After your first purchase of a cooler, we will give you a code a free cooler in the future with the assumption we will exchange bags with each order.

Questions, comments or concerns? Please let us know!