Grateful for Anything That’s Not Work Related

Milwaukee Meal Delivery Service

Raise your hand if you’re sick of me talking about opening a Milwaukee-based meal delivery business.

***Raises both hands and one foot***

Seriously, Maggie… Do you have ANYTHING else going on in your life?

Though the on-going to-do list in my brain may say otherwise, it turns out I really do. Here are a few things that I’m enjoying in my off time.

North Ave. Grill’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and French Fries

Guys. Guys… We need to have a talk. If you haven’t gone to North Ave Grill for their French fries, you just ain’t living. Get thee there immediately (perhaps after coming to say hi on the 10th) and order a double batch. Or get the buffalo chicken sandwich and you can enjoy both today and for lunch tomorrow. The sandwich is so big and so spicy and the fries. OMG, the fries. I keep trying to peek in the back door of their kitchen to see what the secret spice is. No luck yet. Guess I’ll just have to keep taking lunch breaks to try and figure it out. Shucks.

The Greatest Showman

Now that any night out comes with a $40 cover charge in the form of babysitter fees, I don’t make going out to movies a priority. Honestly, I doubt I see more than one a year. A couple weeks ago, I took a gamble on The Greatest Showman after several friends said it was great. Y’all, they were telling the truth. This movie might be on my top five of all-time list. The music, spectacle, and message were all grand and on-point.

Check out this video from the practice that will even leave you on the edge of your seat.

If I went to more than one movie a year, I might go see this in the theater again. As it is, I will definitely buy it and am enjoying the music with the girls on Spotify.

Pound Class

In an effort to step up my exercise game given the reduced amount of time I have to dedicate to it, I switched up my Tuesday night Zumba for Pound class from my favorite Milwaukee teacher – Michelle Streng.  Here’s how it’s gone so far:

Class One – What in the fresh hell is this? I have no coordination, no upper body strength, and my shoes are slipping with every lunge. Nope, not going back.

Class Two – Well, I paid for the whole session, so I may as well try it again. Turns out slamming these drumsticks against each other really does release my pent-up rage against the daily stressors. I sweated up a storm and I could laugh at myself… Maybe it’s not so bad.

Class Three – Let’s kick some tail, yo. This class is great!

Moral of the story – Yes, I look 100% ridiculous, but I also am getting 100% more strength training (from a steady stream of lunges, squats, and core work) than Zumba AND I still get to listen to good music and hang with Michelle, so all is well.

Join me at Lake Bluff Elementary at 6:30 on Mondays if you’d like to give it a whirl. Michelle always offers the first class free (like any good drug dealer…)

Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love Podcast

I’m due for a post solely on the podcasts I’m loving now, but in the meantime, I’d like to give a special shoutout to Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love podcast. This podcast is actually a bunch of series on certain topics. In November and December it was “for the love of fall and food”. Now it’s “new beginnings”. Jen hosts some great interviews that always leave me with a tip, trick, or new book to reserve from the library. (See also: The Turquoise Table, Emily Ley’s books, and a Shipt subscription.)

If you have any time when you want to check out, but not all the way out, this is a great one to have in the earbuds. Have the Notes app ready, too. I guarantee you’ll jot something down each episode.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosting

Oh my lamb, where has this chocolate chip cookie dough frosting from I Am Baker been all my life? As you may have seen on Instagram the girls and I made Smitten Kitchen’s Browniest Cookies this weekend. At first , I thought I was just making brownies, so I needed frosting which lead me to this deliciousness from I Am Baker. Then, when we decided on the cookies I couldn’t let the frosting go. That lead to cookie sandwiches, which were AMAZING, but they only used up about half of the frosting.

This means I’ve since put it on fruit, graham crackers, and a cold spoon pretty much every time I’ve opened the fridge since Saturday evening. It’s so, so, so good. It’s pretty much cookie dough without the raw eggs, so how could it be anything but perfect? Could the world make a more perfect “I’m stressed, I’m PMSy, I’m so tired, and I really need a quick pick me up” food? Nope.

So this is what I’m grateful for right now. What’s making your life better at the moment?