2018 Word of the Year: Grow

Happy New Year! I hope the actual evening was everything you wished for (popcorn, PJs, and a marathon of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, amiright??). We had a great night to cap off another wonderful holiday week. Watching the girls get anxious for Santa and excited for time with their cousins was the perfect counterpoint to all of the kitchen madness. That said, the North Ave. kitchen is now in place, so it’s time to start making big plans with the space, which brings us to…


Grow is my word of 2018. With some help from my beloved Powersheets and a return to my template of a personal strategic plan, I was drawn to the word “grow” and four bullet points that I can turn to throughout the year.

1. Bloom Where I’m Planted.

This is the section on personal health. With everything going on late in 2017, I really let my exercise routine slide and my dessert-product intake creep up. I’m not listing a goal weight for 12/31/18, but rather more intentional practices to help me stay healthy when life tries to get in the way. That’s more realistic at this stage of life, right?

A friend had a great suggestion to do a weekly challenge, making progress in small doses. This could be “drink more water”, “walk a mile”, “wrestle with the girls”, etc.  Something different every week, but that can be done every day for that short period. I plan on putting little slips in a jar. This might actually be a fun project to do with my girls to show them how to be healthy vs. weight/fat conscious. Thanks, B!

Also, and most importantly, this is where the reminder to be a good mom and a good wife come in. “Be here now” and all that.

2. Cultivate My Community.

Obviously, I need at least one area of focus to surround the meal delivery portion of the business. This is that. I want to make sure the new kitchen proves fruitful via more efficient processes, an always awesome and growing team, and more focus on custom orders to make sure y’all get exactly what you want.

Additionally, I want to continue focusing on the community at large. Wauwatosa is a great neighborhood community and there are a handful of nonprofit organizations I will continue to support as they work their miracles for our area.

3. Spread My Reach.

On the other hand, I already feel myself itching to also go beyond meal delivery. I have so many ideas of ways to work with new friends in-person at the kitchen or virtually via the website or an online shop. This is going to be a really fun area to experiment in. One of the ideas I’m so excited about is a book review/”go get ’em, girl” project I want to add to the blog.

4. Steer Towards Sunlight.

Let’s be honest guys. While 2017 had some major highlights, it also had it’s $hit moments. Political discourse hit an all-time low. A new once-in-a-lifetime tragedy seemed to happen every day. And all the while everyone is getting so dang casual! Politicians and newscasters have thrown away their ties and the standard average gal in the grocery store can be found slogging along in too big sweatpants and unbrushed hair.

That last part might be a little Old Lady Maggie doing the talking, but it was easy for me to get bogged down in negativity last year. Unfortunately, I don’t imagine that changing in 2018, so I’m going to do my best to give light to the positive. No, I won’t ignore it. I’ll keep sharing news I find balanced and relevant, but I won’t engage with the provocateurs on Facebook. I will try my best to keep my “cozy clothes” resigned to the “at home only” bucket. (What, you thought I was talking about someone else? While I shake my proverbial cane at others, I’ve totally been guilty of letting “slovenly” seep into my fashion choices.) I will look for more opportunities to fine tune my teaching and mentoring skills and if the stars align, I’d love to introduce community dinners or other opportunities from folks in different demographics to meet or even do some modern-day manners classes for teens. What do you think?

As always, I’ve set my sights high for the year ahead. I know things may shift as the year goes on (thank you Powersheets for letting me review once a quarter!), but this could shape up to be my best year yet.

Given where I am in life, my personal strategic plan is really professionally focused this year. That doesn’t mean yours has to be. I’d love to hear your words, phrases or intentions that are setting your path for 2018. I’m always here to champion your progress, friend!