Welcome New Team Member Brooke

Ladies and gents, please meet Brooke C., the newest member of The Real Good Life team! Our new go-to gal was hired to help in the kitchen and deliver meals straight to your home but I can already tell Brooke will be a great addition to all aspects of the community.

Brooke joins us as she takes on a new role in her own real good life. For the past several years Brooke has focused on her daughters, husband, and a year-long cake-baking obsession. Yep, even though Brooke has decided to go dairy-free for her own diet, she got really into a habit of leaving fancy frosted cakes on friends’ front porches. That’s my kind of friend!

Brooke loves spending as much time as possible with her husband. He’s a lawyer who works long hours so she chases him down to go surfing on Lake Michigan, cross-country skiing farther than she really wants to go and drinking and appreciating a lot of craft beer when he’s not stuck at the office.  Fun fact: her children have easily been to more breweries than most adults. Her older daughter is approaching 50+! #wisconsinmomgoals  

Brooke tells me she loves the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen AND the quiet of time in the car alone (sound familiar?) since she spends most of her time on the road ushering her kids to activities. She comes from a large family in Northern Wisconsin and swears she’s going to make beets that I think are delicious. I guess this girl is up for a challenge!

When we first met it was easy to see that Brooke is a dreamer just like me, but seems to actually be good at the details, too. She wants to put good out in the world and support those that need support.  Warning: Brooke tells me she MUST cuddle any babies in her presence, so be careful who you bring to the door on delivery. That is, unless you want a moment to relax, mama. Brooke might be able to help with more than just dinner. 😉 I’m so excited to have Brooke on this team to assist even more superheroes and their families all throughout the Milwaukee area!

Welcome, new friend!

P.S. Ever wonder how we make the donuts meals?

After your orders come in before 8 pm on Sunday nights, we tally all the orders and purchase necessary items on Mondays. All day Tuesdays and some Wednesday mornings are spent making and packaging the food before we head out for delivery at 2 pm on Wednesdays. Want to join Brooke and me? Shoot us a line with your resume and tell us what the real good life means to you.