How to Use a Digital Detox to Focus on Family

Digital Detox

Before I begin today’s actual blog post I want to tell you about two new podcasts I think y’all would enjoy. The first one is called The Strategy Hour and the other one is The Sweet Life Entrepreneurs. Yes, these are both for small business owners. If that sounds like you, check them out.

Anyway, a recent Sweet Life episode talked about taking a digital detox (which I listened to while typing out blog posts and social media ideas.) I really like this idea and ah, could probably benefit from it, no? Let’s see if it works.

I’m going to try it this weekend which surrounds July 29, the third annual Olive’s Branches Day.  Olive is the daughter of a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, this sweet soul only made it here on earth for about 36 hours after she was born but her purpose has been timeless. Her mother, Nicole, is a strong woman who has inspired others to pay it forward on this special day and always in the name of those you love.

Last year I went to lunch at a Corner Bakery and bought four cookies, which I told the cashier to hand out. I watched while eating my lunch and thought it was interesting that most people didn’t want to take a cookie. Who doesn’t want free cookies?!  I don’t know if they thought there was some string attached or if they were on a diet, but after 30 minutes, my four cookies weren’t yet spoken for. So this year I’m taking the exercise closer to home.

Starting Friday night at 5:30, I am turning off my phone until Sunday night. I’m not going to take calls (as if anyone acutally calls me anymore.) I’m not going to check Facebook or Instagram. I’m not going to look at email or type up a blog post. I’m not going to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. I’ll check a local newscast if I need info about the weather. So much of my life is associated with my phone! Even just planning this has made me more aware (and, if we’re being honest, anxious.) My hope is that this detox allows me to be perfectly present with my family as there have been way too many times lately that my daughters asked me to do something and I respond with “OK, just hang on one sec” while I am doing something on my phone instead. This weekend hopefully I will focus on them and the distractions will be minimal.

It’s cliché to say it, but I know someone like Nicole would pay all of the money she’s ever earned to spend just a few more minutes with her daughter Olive. Hopefully, this exercise reminds me to use this precious time wisely while I still have the privilege.

Would you consider doing something similar? Perhaps it’s only an hour or a whole day. Maybe you make it the whole weekend. Simply take some time just to be present with your friends, your family, and yourself.

How will this digital detox affect business?

The store will be open as normal. If you have any questions, I will not be available after 5 o’clock on Friday. I suggest you order as soon as possible in case there are any questions or concerns. I will be back on Sunday night at 8 PM to shut down the store and will check email then.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy this beautiful summer weather and enjoy that time with your friends and family.