The Cobbler Has No Dinner

Frozen Lasagna Now Available!


Frozen meals are a now a thing! I’m writing this post on Monday. Actually, I am at dictating this on my phone while I drive to get the groceries for this week’s dishes. Yep, just as I can waste masses of time on Facebook, I can also multitask with the best of them when I probably should be focusing on just one thing. Raise your hand if that sounds familiar.

Anyways, it’s Monday and I am trying to figure out what am I supposed to make for dinner tonight. After a long day of meal planning and grocery shopping for you lovely folks, the last thing I want to do is plan meals just for my contingent. On nights like this, the day is saved by a quick trip to the basement freezer.

You see, one of my favorite cookbooks includes bulk recipes for three or four entrées worth of a dish, perfect for the freezer. Every couple of months, I take a Sunday afternoon and knock out a few recipes so we have last minute dinner plans when I just can’t make another decision.

Good news! Now I can help you with a similar solution to the “what’s for dinner” woes. Pre-frozen meals are now available along with the regular, fresh dishes. We have one frozen meal per month that comes to you in one-, two-, or four-serving portions. Feel free to order more than one to ensure your freezer is stocked. For June, our pre-frozen meal is the Meaty Lasagna, an ooey, gooey, homey meal perfect for a rainy summer night.

Order with the rest of your dishes any week in June or just order lasagnas to stock your freezer. Either way, I’m happy to take dinner off your plate!