Store Is Closing Early for Memorial Day

Store Closing Early for Memorial Day

A quick note this week friends, since I’m already trying to play catch-up to next week’s shortened schedule.

All of the stores I use to buy our ingredients are closed Monday so I’ll be doing my shopping Sunday afternoon. This means I need your order in ASAP or noon on Sunday at the latest. That’s right…

The Real Good Life store will close at 12 noon on Sunday, May 28 for the May 31st delivery.

If you know you are going to order, it would be really swell for you to do so Thursday or Friday so I can tally up then and not when the family is watching me. I don’t mind some weekend work, but I made the mistake of suggesting the zoo this weekend, so I can already feel the “c’mon, mom, can we go yet?!” stares.

The actual delivery time and everything else remains the same for this week. We will be back to a completely normal schedule the following week.

Please enjoy this long weekend and celebrate the soldiers in your life. In particular, we should honor those we lost in the line of duty. If your family is fortunate, as mine is, to not have a fallen soldier, please consider now a good time to ask your veteran about their experience. Both of my grandpas were in the military during World War II time frame, but I never got a chance to ask about their experience. One of them was a photographer. He took this image, one of the most poignant ones I’ve ever seen.

Church In An Airplane Hanger

Maybe that explains why photography is the only art I “get”.

Anyway, I love my heroes in all capacities. This week, let’s celebrate the ones in uniform!