10 Questions for A Hero – Emily, The Mother Hen

Heroes Series - The Mother Hen

Y’all, I am so stoked to bring back my real life superhero series I started on my personal blog. It’s a great way to recognize the great people in our midst.

First up is Emily. She is truly the Mother Hen. No literally. Not only does she take care of anyone in her path, she is also a budding farmer hidden in a city gal’s body.

I met Emily through a Facebook playgroup invite when Eggroll was tiny. I didn’t know anyone (and thought the idea of a playgroup was awkward (still do)), but Emily made me feel like I’d been with the group for years. Since then, she has been a cheerleader for whatever endeavor I announced I was undertaking, which makes sense since she’s a daydreamer, too. Additionally, she is such a strong athlete! The lady was back at the gym training for a half-marathon and throwing those big fireman ropes around exactly six weeks post baby #2. Crazy.

We are still mostly friends via Facebook (aren’t we all?), so I’ve watched her from afar there. Emily never fails to jump into every call to assist a family down on their luck or to support a local business looking for new customers. The “love + lift” community we both belong to comes so naturally to her, making it an honor to be her friend.

Back to that backyard farming business – this gal shared a cow with me. That’s when you know you’re good friends with someone – you buy beef together. (Who needs a shared summer cabin??) Additionally, she is well known for her gardening prowess and has debated honey bees and chickens in her backyard. She is hoping to build her chicken coop this summer and just planted two apple trees, two raspberry bushes, strawberries, pear tree, rhubarb, and a perennial pollinator friendly garden. Y’all know that’s a woman after my own heart (with a much more patient hand than I!)

When I asked Emily to do this questionnaire, I knew a future in politics was being debated. Given that she’s prone to daydreaming almost as much as I am, I didn’t realize Emily was far down the path to consideration. Without getting too political, this is exactly what we need in government roles – a person who can still use her ears to listen, her head to make decisions, and her heart to know what’s right for now and for the future.

But that’s for another day, for now let’s just celebrate the superhero I’ve come to know and love – Ms. Emily S.!

1. Why do you think I nominated you to be on my superhero list?

I am not sure why you nominated me but I am honored that I am :). You have seen me as a Nurse Practitioner who is transitioning into something. I haven’t defined exactly what or who I want to become but I know I want to do something different.

2. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Are you this person yet?

This is the million dollar question. What do I want to do when I grow up? I thought I wanted to be a farmer. But now with the political climate, I decided I might throw my hat into the ring and become more of an activist. Possibly a political candidate. I am definitely not that person yet but I am excited and ready to pursue it.

I have always wanted to make a difference in our world. I thought it would be working with the food movement but now it might be more in the political world. I am working out the minor details of becoming a political candidate (like how do you run and all that good stuff). Stay tuned everyone! You might see me handing out pins: Emily for Me!

3. What is your favorite part of your life?

Emily the SuperheroMy children, family, and friends, of course. But I also have a great partner in life who realizes I need more. He supports me in my crazy adventures (when I became a vegetarian after buying a quarter of a cow). He is my level-headed, rational side that has the best advice which I sometimes don’t want to hear but, need to hear. I love that we stayed in Milwaukee. I have met some amazing people who I proudly call my friends. I believe things happen for a reason and we were meant to stay here.

4. What’s missing from your life?

Hmmmm….. This question of who do I want to be when I grow up? I keep thinking I want my children to look at me and think “wow, mom did this in her life; that is amazing”. Or when I die, I am happy who I was and proud of it.  I want to leave some mark on this planet. Otherwise, I can’t complain. I am happy and grateful for my life.

5. What is the biggest secret to your success?

My support system. With my husband, friends, and family by my side saying “Why not run for a political office?”, I have been able to really visualize and imagine that this is truly going to happen.

I also am not afraid to take risks. Even at this point in my life, with two young kiddos, husband, and all that entails, I am still excited to just turn my life around and give something a whirl. I mean, what is the worse thing that can honestly happen? If I don’t try, then they win. I want my kids to see me trying my all to do this (whatever this may be at this moment) and realize that “hey mom isn’t afraid to try, why should we?”.

6. What was harder for you to accomplish than you expected?

Emily is a Superhero!As I am trying to figure out how to run and what it entails, it is very hard to balance my home life and this new adventure. Balance is extremely important so I am trying not to allow the political part be my life or take over. It will most likely always be a balance. However, as I get older, the more I realize how important balance is, but I’m still not afraid to try it and see what happens.

7. What comes easiest to you? Does this help or hinder your awesomeness?

Meeting people. I love people. I can meet someone and find one thing that we have in common and we can click. Obviously, if I am attempting a more political role in my life, it will hopefully help me. 🙂

8. Have you had the same goal(s) your whole life or do they change?

I guess I have always wanted to feel like I am doing something that will help people. I started school in an attempt to be a social worker but graduated as a nurse. Then testing the waters in the food movement and now the political world. So they have changed but my overall goal has not changed.

9. “Superheroes… They are just like us.” Tell me something you do just like everyone else.

I make a millions meals a week and menu plan weekly. And some days, I don’t shower, drink my coffee cold, and forget to brush my teeth. Wanna come over?

10. Who are your superheroes?

My husband. I don’t know where I would be without him. He is my best friend. I won’t get super mushy, but I owe him a huge thank you.

My grandma and my mom. These women were huge inspirations in my life. They taught me to be a strong woman and to continue to pursue my goals, even if it felt impossible

My girlfriends, Erin and Corissa. Both women have been with me for many, many years. And they have supported me through the thick and thin. I love you both very much!

Many thanks to Emily for giving us a little insight into what makes her tick. As a thank you, The Real Good Life will donate $30 to the Hunger Task Force in her honor.

If you would like to nominate someone as an Everyday Superhero, please contact me. I would ask them these same questions and in exchange for their answers they can choose to donate to the Hunger Task Force, have a platter of desserts sent to the organization of their choosing or enjoy a $30 gift certificate to get food on their own table. Even superheroes have got to eat!