Grateful For Classical Beauties

Grateful for Classical Beauties

Times, they are a’changing, but the things I’m grateful for this month are classic and hopefully stand the test of time. Without further ado…


Do you believe in miracles? Well, I have proof they exist. Somehow Instagram (at least the folks I follow) has managed to stay somewhat apolitical during these crazy times. This social media outlet is still a place for pretty pictures of floral arrangements, beautiful babies, or what you had for dinner last night (or wish you did). It used to make my skin itch from all the perfection, but now it’s my port of calm in the turbulent internet seas. If you need a place to zone out, and don’t want to get your heart racing, I suggest Instagram.

P.S. It goes without saying that I’d love for you to follow me, right? I’m due up to follow some new folks, so let me know your handle!

P.P.S. Yes, I appreciate that calling a method of social media “classic” is probably premature, but in this fast moving time, a couple years in business is a lifetime!

Grape Jelly Meatballs

My gorgeous grandma passed away last week after a long and fruitful life. She was an interesting woman who knew how to host a great party. I thought of her as I scrambled to put together a menu for Eggroll’s birthday party. I needed something meaty, but, well, didn’t want to work too hard. Enter this delicious staple that my grandma (and everyone’s grandma) had out every Christmas – the grape jelly and chili sauce meatball. If you’re planning a party, particularly a party where folks need to eat but aren’t the most gourmet (like the under 5-years-old set), this recipe is perfect.

Side note 1: Is chili sauce used for anything besides these meatballs?

Side note 2: Turns out all that high fructose corn syrup has changed the consistency of warmed Welch’s grape jelly from what it was in grandma’s day. Be prepared that your sauce may be a little thinner than you remember (though still just as delicious!)

Good Night Stories for Little Girls

There are some silver linings to having to adult all day, every day. At the moment, I’m enjoying the forced learning about historical figures, particularly women.

Look, it is HARD being a mom of girls. (Rumor has it it’s hard for boys, too. And dogs and cats… and… well, momming ain’t easy!) You walk this tightrope between “you look pretty” and “your looks don’t matter” and “you can be anything you want” and “playing with princesses is just as cool as the science kit”. And that’s to say nothing of the issues you’re juggling about your own self-worth. So, anyway, when I come across things like Good Night Stories for Little Girls, I have to jump on it. Any time there is a good balance of all those important lessons which I need to learn, too, while not being too lesson-y, well, that’s one less stress on my back.

If you have little girls of your own or just love some that are out there, I definitely recommend this book.

What are you enjoying these days? I’m always looking for new things to love!