Grateful for Things That Combat Winter

Grateful for Things to Combat Winter

Last weekend I went to my last holiday party for the season. There, instead of a white elephant exchange, we did a favorite things exchange. I walked away with a lovely lemon sugar body lotion, Madame J’s raspberry jam, and an 8-pack of grapefruit LaCroix. Yep, of course, I went for the food-ish items.

That got me thinking that it’s time to bring back my “Grateful for ” series I started on my old blog. I’ll try to make this a once a month deal because there are plenty of things that make me happy that I’m sure you would love.

So, without further ado…

The Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy

Microdelivery PeelYou remember when you were 16 and really getting into make-up and tried to get your mom to try a new eyeshadow? She gave it a whirl for a week or two, but soon was back to her old routine, right?  Well, I’m now the mom in this situation or at least that’s what Sephora tells me.

See, I love this Microdelivery Peel facial. It’s the perfect scrub for sensitive skin! I use it about every 2 to 3 weeks and can immediately see a difference. It makes my skin so smooth without irritation so it’s just what this dry winter weather requires.

I haven’t found any other product that works as well, so when I ran out before the holidays I took a special trip to Mayfair to purchase a new one from Sephora. Come to find out they don’t stock it in stores anymore because of declining sales, i.e. the kids don’t buy it. The salesperson tried to point me to a new product. I debated trying it, but the $60 price tag was too much for a whim.

Thank goodness I ignored her recommendation and went online to buy! As I transition from acne to wrinkles, this two-step peel takes care of both. It’s a little pricey, but it will last you a long time. Perhaps this is the first of many markers on my way to cold cream and blue hair, but so be it. This facial is definitely worth it.

A New Favorite Red Wine

I don’t have a signature drink. Rather, I’m a “when in Rome” kind of drinker. I drink beer at Brewers games, Old-Fashioneds at Camp Bar, and root beer with pizza. When the weather is cold my system craves deep, dark red wines. I don’t know much about wine but have been on a few year long Malbec kick because I once I had a good one. Your day is done, Malbec. A new red that has stolen my heart – Baron de Ley Reserva Reserva Tempranillo Rioja.

At my last girl’s night out, we went to Movida. When the bartender asked what I wanted, I asked him to pick a red for me. He picked this one and for that, I am forever grateful. It was so rich and juicy and paired beautifully with the cheese and jamón we had for dinner that evening. See if you can find a Rioja at your local wine shop, but definitely consider a trip to Movida solely for this beauty (and the roasted cauliflower!)

Delightfully tacky toffee Salted Caramel Sundaes

I got on quite the Christmas Crack tear there for awhile. I tried it with dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, nuts, peppermint, graham crackers, pretzels…. It’s a rough job, but I didn’t want to leave any combination untasted in this life-altering study. My favorite was the delightfully tacky combination of Saltine crackers, dark chocolate, and big flakes of sea salt. I made one last winning batch to take to a family party on Christmas Eve thinking the research was over.


My brother-in-law introduced me to the Salted Crack Caramel ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery (dudes…seriously click on this link. YUM!) in New York City. He hadn’t tried it, but tried other dishes on their menu and assumed it would be good. Back to the drawing board, I went.

Ladies and gentlemen – this might be the best thing I ate in all of 2016.

Purple Door salted caramel ice cream + dark chocolate Christmas Crack = perfection

Seriously, stop what you’re doing. Check your cabinets for the ingredients to make the toffee and pick up some ice cream ASAP. My apologies to your lose weight New Years resolution, but, girl, you need this in your life!

So those are three things I am grateful for during this cold, wintery January. What’s making your life a more colorful these days?