Together, We Did It

Today I am grateful for you

It is not a complete holiday season for me until I’ve watched the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie at least four times. Short of the tree starting on fire, that was every Christmas I had growing up. They were stressful, hilarious, and full of family we loved and tolerated. My dad loved the movie specifically for the last line – “I did it.”

Of course you don’t really get the importance of that statement until you do all the hosting yourself. We didn’t have in laws, but this was our first year juggling Santa, a cram packed event schedule, and a baby who is “thisclose” to sleeping through the night but makes just enough noise I haven’t slept more than four hours straight in months.

So when I looked around Christmas afternoon at the two little girls in their matching pjs, the handsome husband content in his video games, and a dinner of all of our favorite foods, it hit me – “I did it.”

But friends, I didn’t just have a great Christmas. Because of you, this was an amazing 2016. I have finally found an entrepreneurial idea that solves a problem while letting me feed my passions. It has been my greatest honor to support all y’all superheroes in the best way I know how – fueling your fires.

From the mega-runner who takes the yummiest Instagram photos, to the lady who literally had her house on fire, to all the mamas avoiding dairy or soy or anything that wasn’t on the dessert menu, I have loved taking care of each one of you.

Hunger Task ForceThe cherry on top of this awesome sauce sundae is that together, we also supported my favorite local charity, the Hunger Task Force. Just today I gave them a check for 2% of all sales for 2016. Additionally, Randy and I gave a donation in honor of all you good people.

As always, I have big goals for the coming year. (More on that in the coming weeks.) But for now, a simple thank you.

Together, we had a great 2016. Together, we are going to set the world on fire in the new year.