BBQ Chicken Salad


Fresh greens, crunchy tortilla strips and black beans are tossed with grilled corn and chicken breast before meeting the creamy BBQ sauce dressing. Cooked chicken breast will arrive in a separate container.

About Single Serving Orders

This size is available in “lunchbox style” or “make at home” versions. For the lunchbox, I’ll do all the work and include extras, so you’re all set for the brown bag. If you select “make at home”, you get to spend some time in the kitchen. I don’t do your dishes, but I’ve done the rest of your dirty work. Basic time and instructions are included below.


If you order the “lunchbox style”, it comes with fruit and your selection of extra side. Please let me know in the notes if you’d like additional fruit, carrot sticks, grapefruit yogurt cake or a chewy peanut butter bar.


Instructions: Toss and enjoy.

Ingredients: Organic spring greens, black beans, jalapeno, chicken breasts, Saz’s original BBQ sauce, grapeseed oil, corn, garlic salt, homemade ranch seasoning, mayo, 1% milk

Special Diets: Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

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Fresh greens, crunchy tortilla strips, and black beans are tossed with corn and baked chicken strips before meeting the creamy BBQ sauce dressing.

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Single Serving – Lunchbox Style, Single Serving – Make At Home, Two Servings, Four Servings


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